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Anthony Franchino is a mostly self taught photographer based out of Northeast Ohio. His interest in photography began in high school, initially as an excuse to hang out in the darkroom, but quickly escalated into a deep appreciation for the creativity and technique involved in producing an image, and the fact that he could manage each step of the process. 

This understanding paved the way for humble beginnings working at a department store portrait studio (which will remain nameless). As countless children and families begrudgingly filed their way into the studio, Anthony quickly began to understand one of the most important aspects of photography: making a person feel comfortable in front of a camera. 

Upon graduation, Anthony moved on to editorial work for a handful of local newspapers and studios, while taking a few photography classes in college. The fast-paced environment of editorial and sports photography quickly taught Anthony to autonomously "become one" with his camera and equipment. He also began to perfect the art of off-camera and studio lighting, mastering such concepts as the Inverse Square Law, guide numbers, color temperature, beam candle power/seconds, and a handful of other ideas that most people don't want to concern themselves with (seriously, you don't.) 

Around this time there was a major turning point in photography, as digital edged out film as the standard. Given that a decent digital camera cost as much an entry-level sedan, Anthony began exploring other lines of work, eventually landing a pretty decent gig as a Production Manager at software company. There, he became a master of any and all technical acronyms - just ask him.

The job paved the way to his fancy new digital DSLR, but as holds true with a lot of interests, photography gradually took a backseat to his 9 to 5. That’s not to say working at a software company was entirely awful – it wasn’t. Anthony learned a lot about running a successful business, working within the constraints of tight timeframes, managing client expectations, mastering editing software - he even picked up some extracurricular knowledge of design and color concepts. 

But his desire to create amazing images never went away. And after 10 years as a Production Manager, Anthony finally decided to turn a long-time passion into a profession, and become a full-time photographer.


  • I like to paint portraits of dogs that I know.
  • While I am ambidextrous; I prefer my right hand for writing, but am left eye dominant (99% of all people use their right eye when looking through the viewfinder).
  • I've wrestled a bear, and won. Although, I'm 25% certain that it was trained to let me win.
  • I hadn't flown on a plane until I was 26, so I went to Chicago on a whim. Upon landing from the 35 minute flight, I promptly realized the affects of high altitude drinking.
  • Apparently I look and sound like Seth Rogen... I don't see it, nor do I hear it.
  • I restore bicycles in my spare time, and would like to ride one across the country in the near future.
  • I really dislike having my photo taken, hence why I'm a photographer!
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